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monopoly settled in Nanchang Ou Yada Seong again contracted

In December 27, 2014, the domestic high-end furniture brand  officially settled in Nanchang OUYAD Home Furnishing, to celebrate this event, Nanchang store brings a high-end contracted Home Furnishing life experience activities, and invited many successful people and fashion Master share minimalist design essence.
Nanchang store General Lee said, "apricot Tanaka West Furniture Culture and Nanchang fully inclusive and equitable the humanities art have different approaches but equally satisfactory results of the wonderful, they grow up rely on the development of culture, now the standard of living improve, tasting furniture and life are very important, and formed a kind of culture, apricot in the fields of Nanchang settled, will assume the major responsibility to guide the development of Nanchang area living art and Home Furnishing art."

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