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The high-end furniture "counterattack"

Today, the furniture industry is very interesting, you can use Rainbow Night to describe, to go to some enterprises, often hear the same complaints, the market is not good, the state also introduced regulatory policy, the dealer is not stable, store less flow...... Go to the addition of some enterprises, continually think the market space is very large, many blank spots are waiting for the development, orders busy, and anxious for the enterprise can not keep up with the pace of sales of factory......
The two different "complain" listen more, let me begin to wrap, which is the enterprise always addicted to complain, which enterprises are also busy, no time to complain. After induction, discovered that the enterprise location always complaining of fuzzy, a few years ago also see them in the production of furniture, these a few years again in the follow the trend of solid wood furniture; enterprise market is fixed, in addition to shop is a shop, the shopkeeper posture always immutable and frozen; another striking similarities, is the enterprise for its position seem to be all in one story "in the production of high-end furniture". Has the industry analysis, the general "high-end" phenomenon of this kind of industry is that they "do not", but also "worry", the product quality and the scale of the enterprise is very difficult to rely on high-end, but positioning itself as a low-end furniture, the heart has unwilling, so "high-end" became a common phenomenon. But in the high-end furniture production field, because of its higher threshold, not easy to be peer to imitate and follow the trend, the smaller is also affected by the macro-control, A new force suddenly rises. during these two years, it has become a group of "main force", in the general trend of a downturn to a perfect "counterattack".

Unnu furniture (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Luo Baoding -- General Manager of marketing

Give up the "price war" choice "value war"

In the current economic environment, I think the most is not affected by the macro-control is the high-end consumption field, first of all, we come to the explanation from the noun of macroeconomic regulation and control, it is not difficult to find why I think so. In the market economy, supply and demand of goods and services is subject to the price law and the free market mechanism effect. We A&X the overall luxury furniture services mainly in the high-end consumer groups, this part of the consumer mentality is not affected by the price elasticity, that is to say the luxurious whole furniture is belongs to the price elasticity of demand is greater than the parts of the goods 1.

Trends in current economic environment is good, the local economy appears in the field of economic environment uncertainty factors occur, but this denial of the present favorable economic situation, Luo Baoding think this idea is not objective is not scientific. He said, "in the seemingly weak domestic furniture market, mouthing sound to occupy the mainstream. However, even in such a background, the overall high-end luxury furniture is still strong demand, there are still many bright spots, luxury furniture market overall Chonggao, after market segmentation and depth to explore the domestic high-end consumer groups market space. Therefore, in the field of high-end furniture market prospect, I am more optimistic about. Unlike some low-end products, we are from the service idea, consumer consumption concept, product to cater to the working train of thought of aspects, to ask our employees, I think the fundamental difference between the two lies in this."
At present, the domestic high-end luxury furniture showing rapid development trend. From the domestic furniture brand rising in the field of high-end products, to the international high-end furniture brands continue to enter the domestic market, let the industry are high-end furniture development road is full of hope, but also to let the A&X see the mainstream direction in the future development of furniture products. When it comes to the opportunities you can not say the high-end real estate market, along with a series of regulatory provisions of state issued, the fact proved that effect is weak, so a good grasp of the high-end luxury configuration, is a very good Unisys market.

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