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Increasing the world influence Chinese furniture enterprises

The editor of editor in chief Kinouchi Masao Japan "fashion" magazine, in Chinese furniture Bohai Development Forum, told reporters on Japan's furniture market. This year Kinouchi Masao interviewed January Kelon International Furniture sample exhibition and the April Milan international exhibition, and last month in Cologne furniture exhibition, and also went to Shenzhen and Guangzhou furniture fair. He told reporters, compared with ten years ago, experience the deepest is, appeared before the East Asian faces is a Japanese and Koreans are more, but this year there is the most Chinese, even more than the Japanese and koreans. By January, Cologne International Furniture sample exhibition and April Cologne Furniture Fair, exhibitors increased China, enables the Chinese furniture enterprises to increase the influence in the world.

Kinouchi Masao editor in chief, before the introduction of Japanese furniture size, first introduced the furniture market size goes on, as well as the Japanese consumer group psychological changes in the purchase of the reason. There are many reasons affecting consumer furniture market in Japan, there are 3 main:

First, Japan's population structure change is big. Japan's population structure is mainly divided into two parts, one is the Pacific War, also is the people born after World War II, is now 56 years old to 60 years of age with. This age with people in the purchase of furniture home consciousness, the accumulation of a lot of furniture, furniture enthusiasm weak many, very small contribution to Japanese furniture market. There is a part of their children, now aged 30 to 40 years of generation, but also have a significant impact on the furniture market in japan. They are very rich, is to add new furniture for the family. The whole society in Japan appear aging, stamina to support more and more weak furniture market.

Second, is the biggest residential structure of Japan changes impact on the consumer market. Japan residential collection function in the construction of the time have all built into it, in the time do not need to buy a lot of furniture.

Third, is to expand the imported furniture market in japan. Compared with the prior to the 1991 collapse of the bubble economy, great changes have taken place in the imported furniture market. The imported furniture market expansion for two reasons: on the one hand is the price, the inflow of low cost to China furniture Asia as the center, the largest amount of support for Japan occupies middle class purchasing power. Imported brands of furniture on the other hand, change of imported furniture is of high quality in Europe and america. High quality European and American furniture purchase mainly in the Japanese high income class high consumption. Japan in the imported furniture level, take the body comparison, support the head and occupy ground imports of furniture, furniture imports of these two aspects of the possessive amount is very large.

Why Chinese furniture imports in the Japanese market share rapid growth? The first is the price advantage. Secondly, there is no brand. We will never fall into useless competition in terms of sales, it does not consume useless cost. Again is the China furniture quality has the very big improvement. Tokyo interior and other large furniture chain, the very large orders to China furniture companies and manufacturers. The last is Japan's competitiveness is very strong in the furniture store, don't tube parts purchasing or procurement of furniture, completely is to buy from Chinese.

From the category sales, wardrobe, storage cabinet in Japan has not sell. The current sell better is the living room sofa, dining chairs, dining table. To bed as the center of the living room sofa, followed by the small cupboard, sideboard or restaurant, or TV cabinet, these small storage furniture sell very well. From design, the design trend is towards the European trend. European design trends of it, especially in the modern minimalist style and leisure style is very popular now. As well as the European design style, although the modern minimalist style furniture sell very well, but the traditional furniture, especially classical furniture sold in Japan is not very good, but some furniture lovers collection. The same style furniture and Chinese furniture in Japan also did not sell very well, only for collection lovers collection.

According to the China manufacturer, Kinouchi Masao gives some suggestions how the future for the Japanese market in the future of the China imported form: the biggest threat is Vietnam imports, because Vietnam imports are very competitive in cost and Chinese import, hope China manufacturers attention. Where is the different point of Japanese consumer groups with common international consumption concept? Japan's consumer groups don't think something is cheap, certainly not good quality, Japan's consumer groups believe that even cheap things, as long as the quality is good. The Japanese market although not like Germany so harsh, but the Japanese market has been to environment with strict management, your product again good pollution will not be sold on the environment.

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