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Analysis of 2013 Chinese prospects for the furniture industr

With the rapid development of national economy, various industries are in constant development and stabilize your own position in the industry. Of course, the furniture industry is also not listed. In the high quality of life today, people with the economic improvement of living standards, the quality requirements of furniture is also changing gradually. The following is the analysis of the 2013 Chinese prospects for the furniture industry:

In 2001, China's accession to the world trade organization. Entry to WTO brings a rare opportunity for the development of the economy of our country, in order to provide a good opportunity for our country to realize with the economy of the world. China's sustained and stable economic development, the basic construction entered a vigorous period, domestic demand expanded unprecedentedly, also bring new opportunities for the furniture industry. At the same time, WTO accession will attract a large number of overseas funds, joint venture, cooperation brings opportunities for many medium and small furniture enterprises, to promote furniture enterprise marketing planning, quality management, product packaging and production of standardized management with external level. In addition, China to the treatment of developing countries join the WTO, will promote the development of the traditional textile and building materials industry, so, will further reduce the purchasing costs of raw materials, thus reducing the furniture production cost, enhance the market competitiveness of the enterprise. Please see more furniture industry related information: 2013-2017 years Chinese bamboo furniture industry analysis and investment potential Research Report

China has become the world's furniture producing countries, but also an important furniture consumption country. China has a population of 1300000000, a huge potential consumer market has attracted worldwide attention. At present Chinese furniture consumption per capita level is still low, with China's continuous improvement of people's living standards, furniture consumption will certainly increase, the level of consumption per capita China furniture if reached Thailand, Philippines and other secondary development of national consumption level, namely in the annual per capita of around $20, its total spending in 200000000000 yuan of above. Therefore, can be expected to have great potential of the furniture industry furniture production growth.

After joining WTO, as the furniture tariff reduction, will promote the growth of import and export of furniture, furniture export opportunities. Accession to the world trade organization, will promote the use of new products, to establish the information database of furniture enterprise development, protection, intellectual property rights of high technology and new materials application. In 2002, after joining WTO, has a favorable impact on China furniture industry. Furniture export growth is a good example of.

Entered in twenty-first Century, the Chinese government put forward to accelerate a city and small town to change construction pace. The party's sixteen largest, comprehensive prosperity rural economy, accelerate the process of urbanization, in order to further stimulate the consumer market, expand consumption field. The state of this initiative, will further promote China's housing construction, and therefore there will be associated with the housing industry development. The State Council according to the need of social needs and development, put forward the industrialization of residential, this action will spur and residential supporting tens of thousands of product standardization, seriation and industrialization. Due to the industrialization of residential development, residential as a commodity to enter the market, provide development space for all kinds of furniture and related products.

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